Natural Teeth Whitening – Healthy, Beautiful, and Glowing

A whiter, chemical free smile is waiting for you, with natural teeth whitening products and ingredients. You can choose from recipes that can be done in your kitchen to items that you can buy. There are plenty of recipes to choose from at your local library or book store as well as looking on line. Browsing through a local store will also yield many natural products.

Remember that what you eat and drink will stain your teeth as well. Daily foods and drinks contribute to the stains collecting on your teeth. Reducing the processed foods that you eat and drink will benefit your health and your teeth.

The right every day diet is also a key factor in tooth health. Like the old saying, “You are what you eat”, your teeth are also affected by everything you put into your body. Choosing to whole, unprocessed foods for at least 70% of your diet will improve the chances of whiter teeth as a result of slowing the aging process.

Strange but true, you can actually use strawberries or orange peels to rub off stains from your teeth. Stain inducing tarter can be reduced if you will eat an apple or a carrot after a meal when you cannot brush.

Common items like salt, lemon juice, tea tree or peppermint oil can be used to make your teeth whiter. As more companies become concerned with the environment, we are also seeing more products on the market with these simple, yet effective, ingredients. If you purchase a pre-mixed version of your favorite natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry if you don’t have good measuring skills!

Budget conscience consumers are usually always looking for natural solutions. You may have many of the base ingredients in your kitchen or at your local stores. Brand name or local products are the best choices to insure product safety. There are times when off brand or products from other countries may not contain a complete list of every item in the product you are buying.

If you want to spend less, improve your health and have whiter teeth, natural is the way to go for you. Do it yourself or shopping for the right natural product will lead you to something that works, and all you will need to do is look in the mirror. Natural teeth whitening will be a choice that improves your health and your smile.